Wrongful termination lawsuits: The wrong, the bizarre, and the funny

We’ve all heard of employees being fired for performing poorly or engaging in illegal activities at work. But being axed for changing clothes in the workplace? Logging on to Facebook while at work? Charging your cell phone in the office? Writing your office correspondence in ALL CAPS?

Believe it or not, these and other unusual reasons have been used to justify giving employees the boot.

Losing followers after a controversial tweet is not the worst thing that could happen

Many celebrities are compelling social media personas for a couple of reasons. They offer keen insights on the human experience, make searing political commentary, or are simply trainwrecks you love to see. While the likes of Kevin Hart or Chrissy Teigen may be “canceled” because of their problematic tweets from the past, others may luckily escape “cancellation” but run into lawsuits instead.

5 Things that celebrity divorce lawyers do that regular lawyers can do too

It may seem as if more celebrities are divorcing than non-celebrities. Statistically speaking, that’s not the case. What’s true is that celebrities are more prone to filing for divorce than non-celebrities.

Twice divorced, Jennifer Garner blamed the media as the culprit, and she offered a keen observation as to why celebrity splits tend to happen more often.

Family or property? Times when puppies proved they were more than just prized possessions

Celebrity pets have lifestyles that many humans could only dream of. You read that right: animals have lifestyles. Regardless, by law, pets are considered properties that have no rights even if their owners treat them more like family.

In a divorce case, pets like dogs and cats may even be used as a bargaining chip by one party against the other party, which would be difficult to do with one’s human children.