We can’t believe these unmarried power couples are still together

Did you know that there are hefty financial benefits to marriage?

Tax benefits!

Estate taxes exemption!

Social Security, Medicare, and disability benefits for spouses!

Insurance benefits from a spouse’s employer!

Housing benefits!

Marriage is also a great excuse to throw a party, and have family and friends give you gifts and money.

Famous people who deserved better: Stars who escaped loony litigation

Defamation lawsuits, paternity claims, and injurious encounters with the paparazzi are all in a day’s work for celebrities. They get sued for offenses of all kinds, but mostly for reasons that have to do with their celebrity status. For instance, suing your neighbor for looking exactly like you isn’t lucrative, but accusing Michael Jordan of doppelgängerism and suing him and the global sporting apparel company that sponsors him could potentially win you millions of dollars.