The complicated history between gatekeepers of morality and NFL Super Bowl halftime show female performers

The Super Bowl happens once a year, and it is hotly anticipated by sports fans and everyone in between. After all, it’s so exciting to watch two teams of men in bulky sportswear run from one end of a huge field to the other. For lawyers like us, the annual football festivities offer a different kind of thrill — that of reading about ridiculous lawsuits that usually follow.

Managing marital property: What certain celebrities did right

2020 has been a challenging year for Washington state family law courts, divorcing couples figuring out parenting plans at a fraught time, and Mary Kate Olsen. There’s no guarantee that 2021 will be much better, but it pays to be hopeful. If you’re planning to sort out marital property issues in the coming year, limited business in family courts might still present a challenge.

Defective Toy Stories: When playtime turns into horror

In the Pixar animated film Toy Story, Buzz, Woody, and the rest of the toy gang come to life when their owner Andy is not looking. The film and its sequels are heartwarming tales of toys’ journey as a giver of joy to little kids. Unlike Buzz and his team of fellow trinkets, these defective playthings caused pain, personal injury lawsuits, and emotional scars to kids and their parents.