Can cheese get me in legal trouble? (Spoilers: It can)

Cheese has long been a staple in the diet of many. You can even say that it’s a pillar of human culture, with many regions in the world defined by their cheese-making traditions, using artisan techniques developed over thousands of years.

Cheese has graced countless Thanksgiving tables and Christmas banquets, but one thing you wouldn’t normally expect cheese to be is in the center of a legal battle.

Laws around the world that you wish existed in America

Laws are necessary in maintaining public peace and order. However, some laws around the world exist for ridiculous and weird reasons — which might make them perfect for America as well.

Here are some laws around the world that might do America a whole lot of good:

1. Russia’s dirty car law
In Russia, you may get apprehended and fined up to 500 Rubles (a whopping $6.62) for driving a dirty car.

Tasteful art, bitter divorce: How a rich couple’s acrimonious divorce ended in an astounding art auction

Ultra-high-net-worth couples who end up divorcing rarely have to experience a drastic lifestyle change. Melinda Gates (Bill Gates’s ex-wife) and MacKenzie Scott (Jeff Bezos’s ex-wife) are certainly not reducing their grocery budgets because they felt the need to be frugal after spending thousands of dollars on their divorce.

This list of frivolous lawsuits Trumps other lists of frivolous lawsuits

Donald Trump, one of the most polarizing characters of the past century, is also well documented to be one of history’s most mercurial men. But besides that, he is also perhaps poised to become one of history's most litigious men. Mr. Trump has been involved in 4,095 lawsuits in the past three decades, ranging from skirmishes with casinos to personal damage suits.