Buckingham, LaGrandeur, & Williams recommends these works of fiction that resulted (or could end) in a lawsuit

“Objection, your honor!” one of the most overused lines of dialogue uttered by TV and movie lawyers. In all the years we’ve handled family law and personal injury cases in Washington state, not once have we said those three words. At least, never in one sentence and never as dramatically as would the likes of Tom Cruise or Jim Carrey.

“Don’t steal an ambulance” and other hospital rules to avoid legal troubles

Frivolous medical malpractice cases leave us in stitches. We like reading about them but aren’t keen on taking on lawsuits involving operating room shenanigans and other cases that involve patients’ and medical staff’s tomfoolery.

Luckily, we’ve never had to deal with these kinds of personal injury cases in our Renton, Washington offices, but never say never! Frivolous medical negligence incidents aside, all sorts of mischief do occur inside and outside the hospital premises and may require parties to lawyer up.