Vets behaving badly: Dogs that didn’t stand a chance against erring pet doctors

Animal cruelty — we abhor it. We can’t even stand the sight of animal death scenes in movies. However, we rein in our adoration for fur babies when we’re handling personal injury lawsuits involving dog bites for our clients in Renton.

The state of Washington is a “strict liability state,” which means owners are liable for their dogs’ bites whether or not they know that their dogs are dangerous prior to the biting incident.

Child custody battles that prove parents fighting over their children is not always in the children’s best interest

While the best of marriages is what most couples dream of when they tie the knot, stories of nasty, drawn-out divorces ought to be considered as child abuse when you factor in how brutal custody battles can be on the children involved.

Lawyers are often depicted in popular media as heartless moneygrubbers, but we at Buckingham, LaGrandeur & Williams do have hearts that bleed and break for the youngsters who are caught in the middle of their parents’ fights.

‘Can I sue an app?’ and other questions you’re probably afraid to ask

We use mobile apps for practically everything so it’s no surprise that some of them have caused all sorts of troubles, especially legal ones. But we’re not going to lie -- suing an app developer is rife with complications. If you decide to sue an app, you may want to ask the following questions:

Who do I sue?
Where do I sue?
What did I agree to when I downloaded and started using the app?

There are also those who have had to ask more specific questions about the problematic usage of certain apps.