Shockingly relatable reasons celebrity couples withdrew their divorce petition

Couples who are about to get divorced may feel like the world is crashing down around them, especially if the separation is high-conflict or if children are involved. For this or other reasons, they may want to withdraw the divorce petition.

In Washington State, and in many other states, it’s possible to stop a divorce action provided that both parties agree to the dismissal.

From the hilarious to the hazardous: TikTok challenges and personal injury lawsuits

Adventure seekers and extreme sports enthusiasts would easily tell you that they love challenges because they help develop mental strength, test one’s limits, and overcome fear. But not all challenges are created equal. Climbing the highest peak in the world is challenging; slathering your hair with Gorilla Glue in front of an online audience is not.

Things you shouldn’t do while going through a divorce: Lessons learned from Kim and Kanye’s split

In Washington State, a couple who are separating can get their divorce finalized in three months after filing and signing the Petition for the Dissolution of Marriage. But some divorces may take longer to finalize for various reasons. A divorce can take an eternity to finalize if one of the spouses does the sorts of things that Kanye West does, currently divorcing his wife of seven years, Kimberly Kardashian.