Personal injury 101: there are stranger things than spilled McDonald’s coffee

What’s the weirdest personal injury case you can think of?

The infamous McDonald's coffee-spill is usually at the top of most people’s “frivolous lawsuits” list (nevermind that the facts of that case are often misunderstood).

And a quick Google search turns up countless reports of a burglar who sued his victim after getting stuck in the garage for over a week, but that legal legend is a total fabrication.

Lessons on divorce law from the most famous bachelor in the world

Hugh Hefner was a controversial figure for most of his life. He donated millions to charitable campaigns...but also created a reality TV show about dating three models simultaneously whose ages added together were still lower than his own.

As the founder of the most famous adult entertainment business in history, you might expect the Playboy creator to be well acquainted with scurrilous run-ins with family law.

3 Absurd child support cases we would never take

We’ve been covering celebrity divorce and personal injury cases for almost a year now. We started this blog partly to work through our rejected Law & Order auditions, but mostly to reach new clients.

Our hope is that cracking jokes about whomever Justin Bieber is courting and/or running over with his truck will make hiring an attorney a little less intimidating for Seattle-area residents.