“Don’t steal an ambulance” and other hospital rules to avoid legal troubles

Frivolous medical malpractice cases leave us in stitches. We like reading about them but aren’t keen on taking on lawsuits involving operating room shenanigans and other cases that involve patients’ and medical staff’s tomfoolery.

Luckily, we’ve never had to deal with these kinds of personal injury cases in our Renton, Washington offices, but never say never! Frivolous medical negligence incidents aside, all sorts of mischief do occur inside and outside the hospital premises and may require parties to lawyer up.

Things we’ve learned about quarantine-driven divorces

The gradual reopening of some counties in Washington may do some good for the economy, but not necessarily for the public healthcare system. It’s still safest to stay at home.

It also remains to be seen whether the easing of lockdown measures will improve the relationships of couples sheltering in place to comply with Washington Governor Jay Inslee's "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" order in March.

Can e-cigarettes be considered as unsafe or defective under Washington law?

When we purchase goods, we expect these to work as advertised and not cause harm (unless these are intended to be harmful, such as explosives and poisons). In Washington, consumers are protected by the Washington Products Liability Act (WPLA), a law that compels manufacturers and merchants to only sell reasonably safe products that are apt for their intended and unintended-but-reasonably-foreseeable uses.

What is comparative negligence in Washington slip and fall cases?

Though it may be jarring to hear “Cleanup on Aisle 7!” while grocery shopping, take comfort in knowing that store management is fulfilling its duty to take care of its premises so that no one slips on their floors and hurts themselves.

While most slips and falls just result in a sore bum, some cases involve sprained ankles, broken hips, skull fractures, and contusions that lead to brain aneurysms.