Slip-and-fall lawsuits caused by pets

Stepping in dog poop is embarrassing, though a simple rinse and a good laugh at oneself are sufficient remedies for the incident. However, slipping on it and hurting yourself is no laughing matter.

In fact, if you were on somebody else’s commercial property, slipped on animal pee or poop, and consequently suffered a painful sprain, bone fracture, or head injury, you have every right to sue the owner of the property, given that the latter:

Caused the surface to become slippery (i.e., the owner did not clean up after their pet);

Knew the floor was.

To be fair, they’re allowed to change their minds: Celebrity couples who withdrew their divorce petitions

While we don’t have any personal stake in the romantic relationships of celebrities, seeing them play out in gossip columns and entertainment news outlets is grotesquely satisfying. Admit it: it’s a guilty pleasure to know who’s dating who, who’s single and searching, who’s married to whom, and who will soon become available after an oh-so-nasty divorce.

The War of the Roses: Lessons from Oliver and Barbara on dividing property during divorce

“A civilized divorce is a contradiction in terms.”

In an era of conscious uncouplings and gentle separations, does this line from the 1989 film The War of the Roses still hold up?

If you believe that divorce is an inherently nasty battle between ex-spouses who are reduced to fighting for their lives to claim a house, then you agree with the above quote by Gavin D’Amato (played by Danny DeVito), the film’s omniscient narrator.

Settling and valuing intellectual property assets: Things you can “learn” from celebrity couples

A house, a car, and cash are some of the assets that never escape the scrutiny of divorcing spouses and family law attorneys. It seems easy to divide them, but dividing and settling them in case of a divorce is an exact science.

On the other hand, settling intangible properties — patents, trademarks, copyrights, royalties, and the like — is something else entirely.