Hilarious and infamous negative online hotel reviews, rated

Under the Washington Consumer Protection Act, consumers can file a civil case against enterprises engaging in shady business practices. But who needs laws and lawyers when you can take the law into your own hands by writing negative reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor, or elsewhere? (For the record, you do need lawyers to help you recover monetary damages and to stop a shady business’s further deception.

Man of Sorrows: Injuries suffered by Jim Caviezel while filming The Passion of the Christ

One of Mel Gibson’s most enduring films is a little film about the life of one Jesus Christ. The Passion of the Christ, which Gibson directed, has become as closely associated with him as Braveheart and The Beaver (no?). It made so much money that if he were to never make another film, the vast fortunes made from it alone would keep him and his children secure for the rest of their lives.