Domestic violence is NEVER funny…unless the weapon was food and no one was hurt

Based on recent statistics, nearly one-third of all women in the US have experienced domestic violence. So if you can help it, please refrain from using risqué material pertaining to domestic abuse for your comedy act or bar’s slogan. Don’t even make a reference to one of pop culture’s most infamous cases when guest-rapping on your wife’s hit single.

4 Myths about personal injury lawsuits you should stop believing

It turns out that some of our readers are interested in more substantive posts than ones about celebrity courtroom drama.

We know this because our posts are still outranked on Google by, which is a tad frustrating since theirs provide bland, unspecific explanations (and zero toilet humor).

For example, take their article entitled: What You Must Prove to Win a Slip and Fall Injury Claim.

3 Divorce reactions that will convince you it’s better to be alone

Do you know what the worst part of divorce is? It’s not over when you sign the dotted line.

In place of court dates, you’ll be dealing with child custody arrangements, alimony payments, and the horrors of a joint Netflix account.

Moving on is hard, and the best thing you can do to smooth the transition is to address you and your ex’s concerns as fairly and as early as possible.

Infrequently Asked Question, part deux: Are car accidents and tank accidents treated differently in court?

No. And that’s the long answer.

Across the country, courts have ruled that motorized beer coolers, parade floats and zambonis are treated exactly the same as their 4-wheeled counterparts. Let’s take a look at a few real-world examples.

Showboating Buffoonery

If you’re injured by someone who was operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs, there’s a good chance 10/12 jurors will be ready to rule in your favor before the opening statements even begin.

Divorce and pet custody: fighting over cats and dogs

We’ve written about divorced couples that amicably split millions of dollars, presidential mansions, and in one case a Nobel Prize. But adding a family pet to the mix turns even the classiest divorce into Jerry Springer meets Cesar Millan.

Dogs, cats, and whatever else Paris Hilton dangles from her rhinestone leashes nowadays, they are not living, breathing creatures with affections and emotions.

Personal injury 101: there are stranger things than spilled McDonald’s coffee

What’s the weirdest personal injury case you can think of?

The infamous McDonald's coffee-spill is usually at the top of most people’s “frivolous lawsuits” list (nevermind that the facts of that case are often misunderstood).

And a quick Google search turns up countless reports of a burglar who sued his victim after getting stuck in the garage for over a week, but that legal legend is a total fabrication.