Airline incidents more fun than in-flight entertainment

Flying is one of the most stressful ways to travel. As if extra surcharges, excessive security inspections, and never-ending check-in queues weren’t enough, there are always a few debacles awaiting you on the aircraft.

When inconveniences go beyond being refused another bottle of wine because you’re about to touchdown, deeply displeased passengers do more than just post passive-aggressive Facebook rants (although they might do that, too) -- they go to court.

Celebrity divorce auctions that prove there’s life and profit after divorce

During a divorce, a couple typically goes through the painstaking process of equally dividing their marital assets: house, vehicle, jewelry, and even pets. The divorce process can drag on for months or even years and can be very expensive. Selling your ceramic fish statue and rainbow-colored punchbowl may not fetch a hefty sum, but you could recoup your divorce spendings by auctioning these off alongside other conjugal properties.