Celebrities who have more divorces than Ross Gellar

Do you remember when all anyone could talk about was, “divorce rates skyrocketing to well over 50% of all marriages?” We still hear that statistic occasionally, but it’s just not true -- or at least it hasn’t been since the ’70s and ’80s.

That’s great for families, the institution of marriage, and minivan salesmen -- but it’s not doing family lawyers any favors.

Law law land: celebrities spend big bucks to fight off frivolous lawsuits

Being a celebrity is hard work. After a long day of playing make believe and/or sportsball with your millionaire buddies, you just want to go home and relax in your floating mansion castle.

But this is America, the land of lawsuits.

Despite our obsession with celebrity culture, there are some cases that have no place on the docket -- even if it would put us in the same room as some of our idols.

Intolerable Inaccuracies: everything wrong with the Coen Brothers’ view of family law

You’d think the Coen Brothers and romantic comedy would go together like celebrities and the Walmart clearance rack; neither are made for each other and the combination isn’t doing anyone any favors.

Nevertheless, Intolerable Cruelty opened in 2003 to relatively positive reviews, a healthy payout for the film’s financiers, and 15 years later our clients are still referencing it.

5 workplace injuries that remind us celebrities don’t have it all

One of our favorite things to do with this blog is lampoon celebrities for their unrivaled affinity for opulence and luxury. But there’s one luxury they’ll never get, and it’s one you already have: workplace safety.

Seriously, Wikipedia has a gigantic page of on-set injuries which lists a whopping 62 incidents from 2010 to 2016. Does your office average more than 10 injuries per year? We didn’t think so.

The road to the White House was paved with prenups and multimillion dollar divorces

Few people throughout history have gotten to include “The” before their name. The Queen of England was bequeathed her title, the King of Pop earned his, and the The Donald got his from his first divorce.

As much as we’d love to believe it originated from an order barked into his desktop intercom, it's actually a “term of endearment” from Trump’s first (of three) wives.