Domestic abuse can happen to anyone, including male celebrities

There’s no such thing as a ‘typical domestic abuse victim.’ Even in the world of celebrity, whether you’re a Hollywood A-lister or the world’s highest paid athlete, you can be either abuser or abused.

In some states, judges and prosecutors tend to be more lenient with women aggressors, even though domestic violence laws are intended to be gender-neutral.

Injury cases that prove suffering in silence in the workplace is an antiquated notion

Ever worked in an office environment? Then you’ve probably suffered one or all of the following:

Air-conditioning that’s always on full-blast
Loud talkers
The constant barrage of emails that have absolutely nothing to do with you
The unbearable smell of someone’s lunch that assaults your nostrils daily

Some people are better at handling these and other workplace aggressors, but some aren’t. In America, there’s no such thing as suffering in silence and no workplace mishap is too small not to result in a lawsuit.

3 times pets made legal matters much worse for their owners

Here’s a fun little fact about animal-related laws: Courts in many states treat pets as personal property even though 95% of Americans view pets as family.

That’s right -- in the eyes of the law, your pup is not much different from a piece of jewelry (albeit one that loves to play fetch).

Thanks to anti-cruelty statutes, lawsuits involving animal injuries or deaths usually compensate an owner who suffers emotional distress from the demise of their dogs, ponys, or other ‘personal property.