Domestic battery cases triggered by musical performances

Whether you display your musical virtuosity in the garage or in your local bar, you have no control over how your performance will be received. And we don’t mean by the general public or music critics at The New York Times or Pitchfork.

We are not even referring to the reception that vocal powerhouses like Mariah Carey or Adele get when technical problems derail what would have been flawless lip-sync performances.

Oh snaps! Celebrity personal injury lawsuits involving the paparazzi

It’s difficult being a celebrity. When you’re not amassing fame and fortune, you’re avoiding hordes of fans and protecting yourself from the prying eyes of the paparazzi hiding behind the bushes of your million-dollar mansion.

Celebrities despise the papz for invading their privacy, but savvy celebs know they’re crucial to keeping a well-constructed narrative of their public persona.

Beyond family chain letters: How mental anguish actually works in a lawsuit

If we were to ask you to describe a frivolous personal injury lawsuit, you would probably include exorbitant non-economic damages, such as multi-million dollar claims of emotional distress.

Most people learn of these payouts from obnoxious chain emails or cable news talk shows with headlines like: “THIS IS WHAT’S WRONG WITH OUR COUNTRY!!!”

These anecdotes are often completely made up (like the infamous story of a burglar who got stuck in his victim’s garage for eight days and sued for mental anguish), but their legal foundation is sturdy.

Child support shouldn’t be spent on designer shoes and landscaping, but sometimes it is

More than a third of all the articles we’ve written over the past 15 months have addressed child support in one form or another because -- much like kids -- it’s an emotional, expensive, and sticky issue.

The state of Washington has a simple table for estimating child support obligations, but A) the table only goes up to a combined income of $144k in annual income and B) It doesn't factor in education-related costs, work-related daycare, uninsured medical expenses, and extra-curricular activities.

4 Concert injury lawsuits, ranked by how Rock ’n Roll the facts of the case were

Back in our day, getting hurt at a concert was a rite of passage, crowd surfing an artist was a privilege, and catching something thrown from the stage was a souvenir you’d never part with.

Apparently, things have changed.

There’s no better example of this than a shoe Justin Bieber threw into the crowd being auctioned for $6,000 (which overshadowed the equally ridiculous story of its other half getting a dedicated Instagram account). But seeing as we’re not sneakerheads, Beliebers, or wildly irrational human beings, that’s not a story we can comment on with any expertise.