Outrageously bogus paternity claims made against celebrities

American reality TV is a race to the bottom like nothing we’ve seen in human history. Think about that, there is actually a period of time we refer to as the Dark Ages, and it was still more sensible than anything on Fox’s Reality Channel.

For the worst of the worst, look no further than 2005’s Who’s Your Daddy, a reality show where adults who were adopted as children were introduced to eight men.

Steve Harvey: actor, father…murderer of souls

Like so many Hollywood stars, Broderick “Steve” Harvey had a long road to success, even weathering Hollywood’s right of passage: living out of a beat-up car in the ’80s.

But after misreading the results of the Miss Universe pageant, calling Asian men undateable, and poking fun of victims in the Flint water crisis -- he’s an international star worth of over $100 million.

4 Celebrities who learned firsthand that kids are not cheaper by the dozen

Most lawyers, regardless of what type of cases they handle, charge either by the hour or on a monthly flat fee. But based on the family planning practices of some celebrities, you might think there was some sort of bulk service deal.

We’ve previously written about Charlie Chaplin’s family troubles in the courtroom, but even with his 11 children, his brood can’t compete with the families on this list.