3 Absurd child support cases we would never take

We’ve been covering celebrity divorce and personal injury cases for almost a year now. We started this blog partly to work through our rejected Law & Order auditions, but mostly to reach new clients.

Our hope is that cracking jokes about whomever Justin Bieber is courting and/or running over with his truck will make hiring an attorney a little less intimidating for Seattle-area residents.

4 Divorce cases with bizarre items included in the division of assets

Without a prenuptial agreement, one of the most stressful steps in any divorce is splitting up the family assets.

Before anything is put in writing, the default legal standard is that couples share everything equally (or equitably). Even if one person is making six figures and the other is working part-time, each of them support the relationship in their own way.

Justin Bieber has won one Grammy and zero personal injury lawsuits, with dozens of chances at both

We’ve delayed a Bieb-centric post for far too long.

How can we possibly call ourselves Washington state’s leading legal experts on celebrity divorces and personal injuries if we’ve never dedicated an entire article to the Canadian manchild with 3x as many Twitter followers as his home country has residents?

This is the same “musician” who cut his signature toss-and-flip bangs and auctioned them for over $40,000. That’s not the type of fame we can ignore.

Janet Jackson might have more experience with divorces and prenups than we do

She’s the youngest of all the Jackson siblings, her music has received over 500 award nominations, and she’s also got three secret marriages that ended in not-so-secret divorces.

Ever wondered what it takes to annul an impulsive marriage? Or what legal grounds there are for invalidating a prenuptial agreement? How about why celebs always seem to bail at the five-year mark?

Janet Jackson’s life story is an encyclopedia of family law with answers to all those questions, and it all started with a teenage crush.