What is comparative negligence in Washington slip and fall cases?

Though it may be jarring to hear “Cleanup on Aisle 7!” while grocery shopping, take comfort in knowing that store management is fulfilling its duty to take care of its premises so that no one slips on their floors and hurts themselves.

While most slips and falls just result in a sore bum, some cases involve sprained ankles, broken hips, skull fractures, and contusions that lead to brain aneurysms.

“Can I sue someone who infected me with the coronavirus” and other burning questions

“Will I feel the warmth of sun and the grass between my toes again?”

“What’s the outdoors like?”

“Would I get sued if I set foot outside my house?”

These are the right questions to ask if you’re self-isolating. It’s also okay to ask questions regarding the infection statistics in Washington or your legal rights during the pandemic.

Hilarious and infamous negative online hotel reviews, rated

Under the Washington Consumer Protection Act, consumers can file a civil case against enterprises engaging in shady business practices. But who needs laws and lawyers when you can take the law into your own hands by writing negative reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor, or elsewhere? (For the record, you do need lawyers to help you recover monetary damages and to stop a shady business’s further deception.