How to protect your company from a lawsuit tip #3: Do not fire employees because they won’t go out for end-of-workday drinks

Are you someone who is NOT fun in the office? If so, this one’s for you.

You are probably someone who clocks in at 9:00 a.m., does their job, and clocks out at 5:00 p.m. sharp. You are probably the kind of person that your colleagues often describe as someone who “likes to keep to themselves” as a euphemism for “gloomy misanthrope.

Don’t be misled: What you need to know about lawsuits involving false advertising

You may have heard about the lawsuit against Coca-Cola that alleges the company's Vitaminwater products' supposed health benefits are "misleading" and that, therefore, marketing them as "healthy" is illegal. How about the one in which disappointed movie fans sued Universal Studios for falsely advertising the movie Yesterday as featuring the actress Ana de Armas who appeared in the trailer but was nowhere to be found in the film?

It's an unfortunate truth that companies today must always be aware of any potential legal repercussions if they don't make certain their labels are doing exactly what they promise.

Controversial fashion industry lawsuits will always be à la mode

If you’re starting a fashion company, you need a singular sense of style and an entrepreneurial drive. You should also have an excellent legal team. In fact, the bigger your company becomes, the greater the need to lawyer up.

Controversies in the fashion world, some resulting in million-dollar lawsuits, show how the legal and fashion industries will always be intertwined.

The most notable celebrity courthouse appearances and non-appearances: 2022 year-end edition

The holiday season is one of our favorite times of the year because it means we get to take a break (albeit very briefly) from lawyering here in the Evergreen State. It also means it’s time to round up some of the year’s most attention-grabbing legal cases featuring a most interesting set of plaintiffs, defendants, and witnesses: celebrities.

Dog bite cases that prove one man’s best friend is another’s worst enemy

Many people will agree that dogs are essential to have in one’s home. Having a pet dog (or dogs) improves your mood dramatically, lowers your stress levels, makes you live an active lifestyle, and gives you something adorable to look at or play with 24/7.

But not everyone’s a dog person, especially those who’ve had a bad past experience with the furry creatures; in particular, those who suffered from a dog bite injury.