From hookup to breakup: A complete chronicle of Brangelina’s divorce and custody battle (UPDATED)

From hookup to breakup: A complete chronicle of Brangelina’s divorce and custody battle (UPDATED)

Update 1:
WRONG: Marrying under pressure
There are rumors that Angelina felt forced into marrying Brad. Before Brad, she had two wasbands: her Hackers co-star Jonny Lee Miller and Pushing Tin co-star Billy Bob Thornton. Second and third marriages have a higher risk of ending up in divorce, so we weren’t surprised by this piece of gossip. Although it probably doesn’t take much to say “yes” to a “Sexiest Man Alive” inductee.

Also very wrong: not getting a prenup, especially if you have hundreds of millions in the bank and own multiple properties and assets scattered all over the world.

Update 2:
RIGHT: Hiring powerful attorneys
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie may be one of the most attractive couples who ever lived, but many have proclaimed their split as one of the ugliest in Hollywood history. That said, it’s quite evident that both parties’ family law attorneys are working to reach a settlement that will be beneficial to both. They’re one of the most popular couples to have consciously uncoupled, and there’s no way their attorneys will let their case go to court.

How the coronavirus outbreak affected their divorce

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the world stopped. It signaled the end of travel as we know it, as well as buffets and shaking hands. It also temporarily halted Brad and Angelina’s divorce proceedings.

Angelina is still not making it easy for Brad…and one of the judges

In a filing at the Los Angeles Superior Court, Angelina argued for the removal of Judge John W. Ouderkirk from the divorce case. He was one of the private judges hired by the exes. Her argument cited that the judge “failed to disclose the cases that demonstrated the current, ongoing, repeat-customer relationship between the judge and Respondent’s counsel.”

In other words, Angelina is questioning the judge's impartiality due to the judge’s previous dealings with Brad’s attorneys. She’s concerned that that might affect the outcome of the case, i.e., that there’s the slightest chance that the result will be more favorable to Brad. And everyone knows that she doesn’t want that.

Hiring a private judge is common for high-profile couples like Brangelina. Private judges do everything a normal judge does such as decide a case, weigh evidence, and issue a divorce decree. The couple also pays for a private judge. Getting a private judge is ideal in certain circumstances, such as when the splitting partners want swift divorce proceedings, the case is complex, and when there’s a significant amount of assets involved. The biggest benefit, however, is that the parties get to have a hand in who hears their case.

You may prefer a private judge to handle your divorce case in Washington, but some cases are not suitable to be handled by one. And it’s not only because it costs extra. If you want to learn more about hiring a private judge in Washington for your divorce case, ask us.

Bifurcated marriage judgment and co-parenting in the time of COVID-19

Since Angelina and Brad bifurcated their marriage in April 2019, both can be said to have a “single” status. That also means they’re both ready to mingle. However, their search for a new significant other may be dampened by ongoing child custody concerns (although Brad is reported to be already dating someone); not to mention, we are in a pandemic.

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So how does the pandemic affect co-parenting the little Jolie-Pitts? Well, the kids are as well cared for as any children of big Hollywood stars can be. Sources close to Brad and Angelina say the two are co-parenting the sixsome in relative harmony. The exes live close to each other so it’s easy to co-parent given the circumstances. And while there’s not the slightest chance of reconciliation, they are working to keep their children safe and raise them in the best way possible.

We are all still awaiting the outcome of the once-iconic couple’s divorce. Rest assured that should it be finalized, we’ll be watching. Not that that’s all we do in our Renton law offices. Washington family law attorneys Buckingham, LaGrandeur, & Williams also handle dissolutions of marriage for couples who, like Brangelina, no longer wish to be a uni-named couple. Call us.